Frequently Asked Questions

What is Revenue MedX, LLC.

We are YOUR medical billing solution company! Revenue MedX was designed to provide your medical practice with great medical billing that will meet your unique company needs. It was also designed to cater to your medical billing needs and to produce revenue for your company. We are here to assist with
your cash flow, lower overhead cost, submit accurate/clean claims and reduce stress related claims issues. We are a company that is driven for success!!

What services do we provide?

We provide flexible and comprehensive medical billing, consulting for physician groups, supervising and rendering providers, electronic processing, customer service, and patient collections. You may also refer to the ‘Why Revenue MedX Tab’ for more services available.

Why should I trust my medical billing to Revenue MedX?

The founder of Revenue MedX has over two decades of medical billing experience. Revenue MedX knows exactly what it takes to get your claims paid by researching policies, contacting the insurance company, contacting the patient, forwarding appeals, correcting claims, sending your patients letters,
whatever it takes. If the claim is payable, we will get it paid$$$!!! We are equipped to perform medical billing for any service with a specialty including Physicians groups, Anesthesia, Private Practice, Radiology, Hospitals, Behavioral Health, Dental, and ABA Therapy. We have experience in every medical field. So, don’t hesitate to contact us, we want to work for you!!!

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