What is Revenue MedX?

We are a medical billing specialist company that has been in business since 2016 and we are based out of Houston, Texas. Revenue MedX was designed to perform great medical billing for your unique company needs. We are here to assist with your cash flow, lower overhead cost, submit accurate/clean claims and reduce stress related claims issues. Revenue MedX, CEO Jacinda Lahrmann designed the company to cater to your medical billing needs and to produce revenue for your company.


What services do we provide?

We provide flexible and comprehensive medical billing, consulting for physician groups, electronic processing, and clearing house capabilities. We also provide customer service for your patients. We can collect payments, explain billing questions, take payments, and schedule appointments for your business.


Why should I trust my medical billing to Revenue MedX?

The founder of Revenue MedX has been providing medical billing since 1999. She has worked with a variety of medical specialty services.


Who do we bill for?

We are equipped to perform medical billing for any service with a specialty in Physicians groups, Anesthesia, Radiology, Hospitals, and Behavioral.


Startup cost?

There is no startup cost or out of pocket expenses.


Why Revenue MedX?

We are a company who is driven for success. We are here to be an asset to your company!


What are the terms of your medical billing company and Revenue MedX?

Every client enters into a 2-year contractual relationship.


How do you get paid?

Our compensation is based on percentage of collections, Revenue MedX does not get paid if you do not get paid. However, if the client prefers per encounter fee, we can accommodate your company.


We do you guarantee?

We guarantee there are no hidden fees. Our quoted fee is guaranteed throughout your contract.


How do we handle medical coding?

We have two options:

  • 1.       You may code your own billing
  • 2.       We will employ professional coders